Game Suggestions for Android

Here are some of the games hopefully will be ported to Nexus one.

5. Loco Roco

By far the best game on PSP and totally awesome! Hope somebody makes a Psp4Droid similar to Psx4Droid.
Loco Roco:

4. Super Mario Bros.

One of those Evergreen console games. And its available on Android thanks to yongzh. Just install GBCoid (Gamboy color Emulator for Android) from the market ($3.49 or ~Rs.175) and download the Super Mario Bros. ROM.
Super Mario Bros.

3. Need for Speed II and II SE

Great game- I mean who hasn't played this? For me even Asphalt 5 or Raging Thunder 2 doesn't match up anywhere close.

2. N

This not a very old game but have I wasted time on this - you bet. This game is free, download it from the official site (its hardly 3.4 Mb). There are some online sites to play this game, if Adobe Flash player is installed on your Nexus one, you can actually play. Physical keyboard will really help but if virtual controls as in GBCoid or NESoid are made available then it would be awesome.

1.Counter Strike

This would be the road ahead if you were an Android game developer.

Special Mention
Elasto Mania - Elma

I remember running home after school to play this game. I however did not like the clones such as xmoto or other online versions available now.

Elasto Mania - Elma