Zero License

Zero License is meant for works contributing to any field of  Science, Technology, Art, Literature etc.

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Zero License is a license meant for free distribution in public domain.

Commercial Use
Zero License allows commercial use of materials with or without permissions/modifications/customizations

Zero License allows use with or without mention of source or contributors.


World would not be the same if "Zero" was patented or if the numeric system was denied from usage. It is what you built from these factual elements that needs licensing not the elements themselves. By establishing a method to the public domain, the Inventive have to entrust themselves to be more ambitious and creative rather than to redeploy existing methods or deny others the methodology.

'To challenge self and others to come out with something new or different.'

What about credits?
Zero license's primary agenda is collaborative progress. The 'Creative Commons' licenses may suffice additional requirements that are not available in Zero License -

Font : Zeroes
Note: The font used for logo of  'ZERO' license is 'Zeroes' by Typodermic Fonts Inc.


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