Sony Playstation 3 Eye

The Sony Playstation 3 Eye is an excellent device for computer vision. The PS3 Eye is an extension for Playstation 3 [- game console]. The best part is, it is USB 2.0 device and can be plugged into a PC. Thanks to mind blogging work of Alex Popovich, now you have working driver for PS3 Eye (~Thank you Alex :) ). 

The Eye is capable of 640×480 pixels at 60 Hz and 320x240 pixels at 120 Hz. It has no auto focus but comes with manual adjustment to select either of the two modes. By rotating the lens barrel you can choose either 56-degree or a 75-degree field of view. The camera is also equipped with 4 microphones arranged in an array for enhanced  audio qualities. Yes, awesome for designing AR application.

The Drivers [CL-Eye] and SDK are available at Code Laboratories site . The drivers support Windows XP, Vista and 7 Operating systems. Before that, please read the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT given in the links below.

The sample code for using Eye in openCV is also demonstrated in the CL site.



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