Setting up VC++ for Optitrack programs

For developing custom programs, Natural point provides its libraries to which have to linked in your projects to make use of Optitrack cameras.

Download OptiTrack SDK for V100R2, V100, C120, FLEX:3 Cameras - Official Release - Version 1.3.035 (.exe 2.5 MB) from the link below and Install.

After installation, a folder containing dlls, drivers, libraries and documentation file will be created in Program files

Now include the directories of the optitrack headers and optitrack libraries into the Visual Studio.

Before opening any projects, open Tools from the menu bar and select Options.
In the Options window select VC++ Directories.Open  Show the Directories for: and select Include files.

Add the path where the Optitrack include files [optitrack.h & optitrack.tlb] are present.
Ex: C:\Program Files\NaturalPoint\Optitrack\inc

Similarly select Library files from Show the Directories for: option. Now add the path where the Optitrack library [optitrackuuid.lib] is present.
Ex: C:\Program Files\NaturalPoint\Optitrack\lib\i386

Click on OK to save the changes

Now all you have to do is create a new cpp project and add the following headers to your program -
#include "optitrack.h"
#import  "optitrack.tlb"

Note: It is also necessary to include atlbase.h & objbase.h to make use of COM.