Root Login in Ubuntu 9.10

The New Ubuntu is here! Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala the latest version is available from October 30th 2009. Browse to the link below to download. Here is a tip to login in to 'root' user to obtain administrative privileges.

Open terminal and type- 
someuser@pc:~$ sudo passwd root  
- this allows you to change the password of the user 'root', but before you do that it'll as for the current user password, so enter that.
[sudo] password for someuser :
-then the terminal prompts to enter the new UNIX password, which will be the password for 'root' user
Enter the new UNIX password :
Retype the new UNIX password :
passwd : password updated successfully
- after this, you can now login as root.
someuser@pc:~$ su root
password : 


Download Ubuntu 9.10


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