within future: Chrome-Android may seek unification and Microsoft Watch is coming soon

    In our previous post we covered a lot of ground regarding Smartwatches and Eco-system. Few of the interesting things that came out of that discussion was the co-existence of  Chrome and Android. A constant remainder is not enough to suggest that Google did not have a stable and independent platform until Android took off. Now with the significant stronghold they have on smart phones, Google is making amendments within the Organization to tweak up its other portal to the Internet by garnishing it with Android. Chrome OS that hasn't really grown out of its infancy yet and is constantly hurtled by Windows releases. The best possible attempt for Chrome is to hijack Android market share by providing itself the ability to run Android applications natively and by pushing the "web-based" capabilities to Android. The above picture exactly illustrates what Canonical did with Ubuntu for Android.

Hiding between the lines

Yet another interesting topic that came out in the post, was the evidently missing Microsoft's Smartwatch. News reports suggest that Microsoft watch will be out with this years end [2014]. The Windows platform is much better equipped to adopt smaller devices thanks to improvements in Windows RT. But the big question is will the plunge into making hardware burn fingers again ?
A mock-up of the  Microsoft (Windows/Surface?) Watch -

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