OpenCV: Augmented Reality - Testing

Ok... So Ive been posting a lot of videos on Augmented Reality, but what have I done???

Here is the answer. Yet another augmented reality program written from scratch. The program is written in C with OpenCV libraries. No libraries like ARTOOLKIT / NyARTOOLKIT / ARTKPlus or even OpenGL are used. I initially thought of implementing it in C/C++ only but complications with handling (jpeg) images and streaming from webcams forced me to use OpenCV.

This is my project for the final year (Bachelor of Engineering). Aditya KP (my classmate) is the other person involved in this project.

Details about the project and a complete explanation shall be put up after more testing and fine tuning.

Sneak Preview of the project!!!


  1. Is there any chance you'll be posting this code? Very similar to what i want to do! Excellent blog by the way!

  2. Thanks. I've ran out of spare time. But I will be posting the source code soon!

  3. well done! could you post this code?