Google Nexus one

All eyes on Google to pull the big rabbit from the hat in '10. The Nexus one aka "G phone" is believed to be launched on January 5th 2010, suspected of carrying  Android 2.1 [Flan]  with Qualcomm 1 GHz processor and 5 MP camera! Adding to the confusion is the similarities with HTC Passion/ Bravo?. Altough HTC will be manufacturing the nexus one for Google. Rumors of nexus one are all around the internet stating price tag of $530 for unlocked versions. 
Arguably January 5th may be launch of Android 2.1 rather than Nexus one. Further Google is also busy with "Goggles" which may be included in Flan. Applications like Goggles are more appealing rather than text based search. 



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